May 1: Day 1

Welcome to my new blog!

Its raining cats and dogs outside, and I can’t believe how much I am missing sunshine today. The rains seem to have no intention of stopping and the sky is dull grey with dark undertones . The dullness of the sky seems to dull my senses too….for I can think of nothing but going back to bed with a warm blanket or grab a cup of hot coffee and watch my favorite sitcom.

But since I am plagued with the worst case of writer’s block of the century, I am forcing myself to write. It’s been three years since I quit my job as a writer and settled down to become a housewife and a mother. I am now happiest I have ever been – I have a wonderful family, and everything seems perfect. But I hear a small voice on the back of my head which I have been ignoring for a long time, a dream of becoming a writer. Working as a writer gave me pleasure, finishing an article and seeing your name in the print gave me an immense satisfaction, a sense of achievement which I seldom feel now.

But in these last three years, all I have thought about is my baby, his food and his diapers. I am now finding it rather hard to churn out something intelligent or smart. I am writing so that I can exercise my brains and get back to my former glory.

It has stopped raining now, maybe Sun will come of the veiled clouds. I hope there is a rainbow soon.